Shanghai Port F.C Scores Premium Training Kit Sponsorship With GD6

Shanghai Port F.C Scores Premium Training Kit Sponsorship With GD6

GD6, an online betting site in Asia has signed a sponsorship deal with Shanghai Port F.C. The company will provide the club with its latest premium training kit to be worn throughout the 2022 season and beyond.

As a first-time sponsor, GD6 signed a one-year agreement to provide the team’s full roster of players with their own personalised kits. The company also has plans to create an online betting platform for fans that will be available on the official Shanghai Port F.C’s website.

In addition, they have pledged to offer all team members and staff monthly incentives as well as VIP access at future events hosted by Shanghai Port F.C. “Shanghai Port is our home club,” said Gary Lee from GD6. “It is our first step into Asian football and we hope this partnership will help us grow within China and all throughout Asia.”

This is a strategic move by GD6 online casino to promote their brand in the global football market as well as gain exposure among Chinese audiences who are rapidly increasing their interest in football.

“GD6 is committed to supporting football clubs across Asia to help them achieve success both at home and abroad,” said Zhang Min, the Chairman of Shanghai Port F.C.

With this new partnership, Shanghai Port F.C now has access to many more resources through GD6 including financial backing for youth development programmes as well as advertising opportunities.

Apart from this sponsorship deal, GD6 have also been appointed as one of Asia’s leading sponsors for international football events such as FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.