Journey among the best European casinos 

Journey among the best European casinos 

Travel around the world are always the right opportunity to visit some casinos. When traveling there is more desire to attempt luck and that’s why casinos don’t only attract gambling enthusiasts, but also simple curious who want to spend a different evening from usual during a vacation.

But what are the best European casinos? Some are real institutions, and attract visitors also for their charm, while others are more modern and offer games and latest generation slots such as casino bwin. Let’s find out together!

Casino di Montecarlo – Principality of Monaco

When talking about casinos in Europe, the first of the list is always the Casino of Montecarlo. Visiting this game house means taking a leap between luxury and tradition. When you travel the casino doors you can breathe that special atmosphere that only this game house of the Principality of Monaco is able to give away. The casino was built in 1863 by Charles Garnier, and its marble coated atrium is surrounded by 28 iconic columns.

The offer of the games is very wide, and visitors can attempt fortune with classic roulette, both in the French and in the American version, or to with dice and blackjack. Obviously there is no longer modern games like poker. There is a wide selection also with regards to slot machines, present both in classic versions and in the most modern slots videos.

In order to access the casino, you must be 18 years old and you have to pay an entry ticket of € 13. Obviously it is necessary to show up with adequate clothing.

Casino di Saint Moritz – Switzerland

Starting the border with Italy by little and going to Switzerland you can visit 21 land casinos. The most famous and important is the casino of Saint Moritz, frequented by people from all over the world. If you are traveling around here, don’t miss the chance to visit it!


This game house, housed in the Kempiski Grand Hotel des Bains, is not very large, but is able to offer visitors a wide variety of games. Inside the visitors can have fun and attempt luck thanks to about 80 slot machines and a dozen tables where to sit down to challenge the blackjack and roulette bench.

To be able to enter the casino you must have turned 18 and the entrance is completely free.

Casino di Barcelona – Spain

If you are lovers of casinos and have been organizing a trip to Spain you have to know that you will only be spoiled for choice! In fact, there are many playing houses on the Iberian territory, and one of these is the beautiful Casino of Barcelona. The casino is located in the heart of Port Olímpic, on the waterfront of the Catalan city, and is housed inside a great skyscraper.

The Barcelona casino does not offer its visitors just a great variety of gambling games, but also many other forms of entertainment between music, live shows and obviously gastronomy.

As for gambling, it is poker to make it master, present in different variants including Texas Hold’em and Omaha, and even with cash mode games.

The age required to enter the casino is 18 years old, and the entrance ticket to pay is € 4.50. Access with elegant casual clothing is allowed.

Casino of Venice – Italy

In our country the most famous and important casino is undoubtedly the Casino of Venice, recognized as the oldest gambling house in the world. The casino has two different locations, the historical one of Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi, hosted on the first floor of a Renaissance palace overlooking the Grand Canal, and the most modern Ca’ Noghera, a modern structure located near the Marco Polo airport, opened in 1999 , which was also the first American casino in Italy.


In both venice casino seats it is possible to attempt to the classic board games like roulette, bench point, baccarat and obviously poker. There is also a wide selection of slot machines, and especially in that of Ca ‘Noghera are all the latest generation ones.

To access age required is 18 years and you need to pay a $ 5 entry ticket.