Different ways to improve your focus during long online poker tournaments

Different ways to improve your focus during long online poker tournaments

Online poker has exploded in popularity over the last two decades. The convenience and variety of internet poker sites allow you to play your favorite poker games at home. Accessibility is a major draw of online poker, but its unique challenges make it difficult to stay focused.

Eliminate on-screen distractions

  • Close out extra tabs and programs – If you tend to get sidetracked by various sites and applications on your device, take measures to remove temptations by closing out everything not vital for poker play. Shut down email, internet browsers, messaging platforms, etc. The less visible diversions on your screen, the less likely your mind wanders away from the tournament.
  • Enable do not disturb settings – Most devices today have do-not-disturb modes that disable notifications and alerts while turned on. Make sure to activate this status on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop before the tournament starts. Silencing pings and pops prevents those stimuli from hijacking your focus mid-hand.
  • Clear physical clutter around your play area – External disorders can manifest internally and make concentrating more difficult. Make sure the area where you play online poker maintains tidiness. Remove unnecessary items and paperwork from the nearby space. Decluttering your environment helps induce a clear mindset.
  • Establish a dedicated tournament space – Condition your brain to associate a particular spot with 와우포커 머니상 by choosing a set location to always play from. Make sure it has a comfortable seat and ergonomic setup. When you repeatedly play tournaments in the same space, your mind and body get used to focusing there. Use sensory reminders like poker background music or a scented candle to further signal to your mind it’s time to play.

Leverage focus aids and apps

  • Stay hydrated and energized – Physical factors like hunger and thirst can quickly shatter any semblance of concentration. Keep snacks, water, coffee, or tea on hand to fuel yourself and avoid energy crashes. Pack light protein options to supply prolonged energy during lengthy tournaments. Bring prepared meals if sessions run through normal dinner hours.
  • Download concentration apps – Apps exist aimed specifically at improving users’ focus. Applications like Focus Keeper track time spent concentrated and allow you to set periodic short breaks. Other programs like Brain. FM provides ambient noise and is scientifically shown to engage brain activity. Try out some of these apps and see if they assist your ability to focus on the tournament.
  • Listen to brain engaging music playlists – Certain types of music demonstrate an ability to increase focus and concentration. Sounds with a tempo around 60-70 bpm activate both hemispheres of the brain. Create playlists of instrumental tracks at that tempo to listen to during play. Video game soundtracks often hit the optimal range. The key is finding instrumental music that engages enough brain activity to focus you, but not too much to become distracting itself.
  • Utilize breathing techniques – When distraction or emotions like frustration set in, taking several long deep breaths realigns your mind. Inhale deeply through the nose, holding breath for 8-10 seconds. Exhale slowly out the mouth. Repeat this breathing exercise a few times during moments of broken concentration to recenter attention.

While HP computers allow comfortable play for long stretches, sitting stagnant tires the body and dulls the mind. Make sure to stand up and be active when on break from tournaments.